Development Plan for Angela Sorley

Title: Teacher


  • Organized, Methodical
  • Self-Aware
  • Technology
  • Takes Direction well.


  • Classroom Management
  • Breaking large projects into smaller parts
  • Asking for help

Training and Development Needs

  • Formal Education

As an educator it is important to be a lifelong learner. As much as I love teaching, I don’t see myself in the classroom indefinitely. Soon, this degree will be finished. In September the next Master’s degree will be started. This one will be in Integrating Technology into the Classroom. Once completed a third Master’s degree will be obtained in Brain Based Learning. The combination of the above degrees will increase my marketability in a variety of fields.

  • Mentoring

Mentoring is a very valuable tool in education. It is valuable especially when improving a weakness in teaching or classroom abilities. Partnering with a co-worker who is strong in areas of weakness can assist in improving those areas.

  • Reflected Best-Self

The administrator at the school I am employed at has a firm belief that it is important to put her faculty and staff where their strengths lie. This being said development of technology is my priority as it is my strength. Pursuing this development goal has already begun with my formal education aspirations as well as my personal time. Spare time is spent enrolling in Microsoft classes, Google classes and owning a private business.

  • Temporary Assignment

Although our district doesn’t provide this at this point, I feel a temporary assignment with a Technology Instructional Coach would be a valuable development tool. Having been on numerous interviews for such a position the assignment experience would be very helpful in gaining the background needed to move into the position in the future.


This development plan prepares me for future positions in different fields of education and increases my marketability and possibility of movement into newly created jobs.




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