I use my classroom blog for a number of things. I teach kindergarten so student abilities are a bit limited. I use it as a way to keep in touch with parents.  Ozcinar and Ekizoglu (2012) states “it is suggested that Blog Based Parent Involvement Approach has the potential to secure active parental involvement by improving home–school communication. Parents strongly believe the approach should be implemented more widely.”  I post classroom news and announcements. I have a page with all school notes that go home in case parents do not receive them. Homework packets are posted, and as they are leveled parents can go and choose the appropriate level for their child if the one sent home becomes too simple. I post pictures of classroom activities, field trips, parties and projects. Before Christmas we did a Christmas around the World project and the the final product was a video, slide show or power point presentation about the holiday traditions of each family. Those were posted on the site as well. Education sites the students can go to are showcased with description. The blog is a multipurpose blog that serves many needs in my classroom.

In Taking Advantage of Web 2.0 Technologies: Classroom Blogging Basics, Morgan divides Classroom Blogs into nine categories: Creative Writing, Literature Circles, Current Events, Reflection, Display, Opinion, Visual, Learning and News. The article describes each type of blog in detail, and how each can best serve the classroom. Eagle411 encompasses current events, displays, visual, learning and news aimed at parents. This year has been the most successful year for parent involvement since teaching private school.


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