At the beginning of this school year I moved from a third grade room to a kindergarten room. It was a big chore but oh so much fun. Hope you enjoy the pictures. If you have any organization ideas, please feel free to leave a comment.

This is how my room looked at first:

I put contact paper in red, blue, green and yellow and paint splatter duct tape for the student tables.

Classroom Library and Reading area

View from library

Student Computer Center

Writing and or Listening Center

Math Center Storage

Black Tubs are Math Centers, White Tubs are ELA Centers and small containers are ABC sound boxes

Student Cubbies

Storage for Clipboards and dry erase boards.

Above pictures are of containers which are placed on each table, They contain all necessary tools for completion of centers.

Money Chart used to count days of the month in pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.

Our clock center has both analog and digital clocks, as well as foam clocks set to specifice times of the day.

I use a shoe organizer to organize my magnetic letters.

The job chart I created. I use clothespins with student’s pictures to move as their jobs change.

Another way I use a shoe organizer is a behavior tool. I use the colored clothespins to show level of behavior (green being great day to blue day being office referral). The pockets are used for pennies which a student receives when caught following directions or going above and beyond expected behavior.

My center organization board. Again I use student photos to assist them in recognizing their station and partner.

Our place value board. White paperclips are ones and Red ones are tens.

My transportation board